The Burnt World of Athas

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This adventure is for 3 to 5 characters of 6th to 8th level for AD&D 2nd edition. The characters, while exploring the ruins of Yaramuke, are captured by a cult that worships the former queen of Yaramuke. The cult’s leader, Murduk, tells the party of their plan to capture Hamanu, and may use magical coercion to convince the party to help them. The party is sent to infiltrate Urik and retrieve a magical decanter to power the magical prisoner created to hold the sorcerer-king.

After reaching Urik, the characters discover the city shut off to the outside world, and the party has to sign up with a devious merchant from House Stel, Sulla. While in his employment the party makes contact with the Veiled Alliance, who helps the party locate the decanter. With the help from the Veiled Alliance, the party retrieves the decanter from a tower in Hamanu’s palace and flees the city. The party returns to Yaramuke, where Murduk tells the party the truth. The decanter holds Queen Sielba’s soul, and the cult is going to perform a ceremony to return her to life. However, Hamanu follows the characters to Yaramuke with his army and attacks. The party must fight to escape the ruins and the struggle between two sorcerer-monarchs.

The adventure is hosted in’s Resources page: Return of a Sorcerer-Queen.