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Secrets of the Deadlands and BWOA's newest "Templar"

It’s with great pride that we announce The Burnt World of Athas’ newest release! This project has been in various states of completion for over 20 years! It was one of the formative documents given to us by Wizards of the Coast in the transition from 2nd edition to 3rd edition. Secrets of the Deadlands is a major expansion of the world to the south of the tablelands. Over 10 years ago we released Terrors of the Dead Lands, and now with Secrets of the Dead Lands half of the project is released. The other two part of the project, Faces of the Deadlands and The Emissary, are expected to release in April and May of 2022 respectively).

Secrets of the Deadlands

A huge thank you to everyone who’s worked on this project over the 3 teams that have had it, without each of you we couldn’t have completed it. Daniel Bandera, Brax, Austin Butcher, and Jack Meyer (aka Neujack on the forums) were the project developers since we’ve had it, taking over from the original designers and developers, Timothy Brown and Doug Stewart. Thanks to the artists, editors, and cartographers who made this book more than just words.

We woudln’t be here today without Jack Meyer’s determination to just pick up the documents in 2020 and pull together a great team of volunteer fans to push this dead mekillot over the finish line! As a result of Jack’s tireless work to finish Secrets of the Deadlands we’ve elevated Jack to the position of Templar, the first in several years and we expect more soon. Classically Templars at have been project managers. And with 2 more projects to be released Jack is already running like an elf! Welcome Jack! Jack Meyer Templar