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Bone, Stone, & Obsidian Episode 5: Monsters of Athas

Monsters of Athas

The sands of Athas are unforgiving to those without bone, stone, or obsidian to protect their water–and their lives. After a small technical hiccup, Robert and Wayne search Athas to find the monsters that prowl its sandy wastes. Will they come out alive…?


Monsters of Athas


Monster Manual Preview: Thri-kreen

With the new release of Dungeons & Dragons this year much of the Dark Sun community has asked about the future of Athas and while we don't have an answer for you in that regard we do have a peek of one of Dark Sun's most prominent creatures. Later this month the new Monster Manual for Dungeons & Dragons will be released, and with it, the Thri-Kreen.

Here, has an exclusive preview of the Thri-Kreen Monster Manual entry and art.

Updated monster index [4e]

Daniel Bandera revisted the DS 4 monster index, updating for the final time a list of all 4th edition Dark Sun specific monsters, and where to find them.

See it here.

Terrors of the Silt Sea

A new article up in Dungeon magazine:

As if the Sea of Silt were not dangerous enough, filled with fine powder that suffocates human-sized creatures, many frightening beasts call it home. Veteran sailors of the Sea of Silt tell tales of nightmarish monsters, such as the notorious silt horror. Such stories inspire terror in those both who ply the Silt Sea on skimmers and those who live on its shore. Among the horrific creatures that inhabit the silt, two of the most frightening are the azraloka and the oasis beast.

Terrors of Athas 3.5 Illustrated

We are pleased to announce the release of the illustrated version of Terrors of Athas for the 3.5 rules set. Special thanks to Dawnstealer for the huge amount of art contributions and Grummore for the layout job done incorporating the pictures into the document. <p>

As a side note, we have also increased the number of creatures with Power Resistance or psionic immunity. These include Aviarag, Braxat, Cistern Fiend, Drakes, Gaj, Guardian, Id Fiend, Golems, Obsidian Retriever, Psionic Cats, and a few other creatures. </p><p>

Download the illustrated version of Terrors of Athas. </p>