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The Emissary

What’s this sorcery? Two new products in less than 10 days? Newly appointed Templar Neujack’s team has released the adventure that pits heroes against the machinations of Dregoth, as his Emissary travels south, to the Dead Lands to meet with forgotten kings.

The Emissary is Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 adventure designed for 4 player characters of 14th level.

Congratulations to the team for getting this out! Writing and Conversion: Adam Cieszlak Editing, Formatting, and Graphics: Jack Meyer Advisory: Austin Butcher, Sébastien Gamache, John Machielsen, Jason Wills-Starin Cover art: Edward Echavez Internal Maps: Jack Meyer, Yanick Moreau Contributing Artists: Jane Bradley, Bruno Lopez, June Soler Playtesters: Robert Adducci, Amber Anstead, Ben Anstead, Gunnar Culp, Jeremiah Forquer, Sofía Fernandez Rodriguez, Jason O’Mahony, Jon Sederqvist

The Emissary takes place in the Dead Lands and the release of Secrets of the Deadlands is helpful, but not required.

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Article: Dray Religion

An ancient unofficial article from the depths of the internet: The Dray, the draconic race who dwell far beneath the scorched surface of Athas, owe their fearsome form to a transformation wrought ages ago upon the band of humans who then served under Dregoth. However it was not only the bodies of his people that the Dread Lord saw fit to alter to his liking, but also their hearts and minds. This was achieved long before the physical transformation, when he fashioned for them a new religion, one which places himself at the centre of a cosmic drama in which they would play a vital part.

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