The Burnt World of Athas

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Weapons of Athas

A small collection of Athasian weapons, originally written for DS1/ DS2

Cadmar's Tale

A short story of the birth of a mul gladiator

Chimes of Personal Power

These mystical chimes allow the user to convert arcane power to psionic power and vice versa.

Home of the Gods

One view of the Tari of Celik

Abalach-Re Returns

Abalach-Re was one of the Sorcerer-Monarchs the Heroes of Tyr killed in the events of the Prism Pentad, or was she?

An Unofficial article brought forth from the archives. This article was originally part of the Sand of Athas netzine (more articles and info forthcoming)

Kaprak: City of the Druid

Outpost Kaprak was a small, remote storehouse and waypoint for House Malaxi, a once-great merchant house that fell on hard times.

Beriah's Tale

A story about what happens when one defies a sorcerer-king.

Kuur'Ta'All an athasian elf

An athasian elf who brought the wrath of the ancient undead down on his tribe. He now quests to destroy the abomination with the help of the spirits of his tribe and the power of elemental fire!

Death Mark novel review

A review of Robert J. Schwalb's first novel Death Mark

Location references

Thanks go to Kamelion for compiling this comprehensive list of location references in Dark Sun products released by Wizards of the Coast.

Ssurran - extended writeup

Thanks to Kamelion for contributing this article with expanded information on the reptilian Ssurrans

Plothooks for trader campaigns

This article contains a series of plothooks for trader-related adventures to go along with the new release of Trade Lords. Enjoy! 

Revised domains

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