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The Journal of Zong-Tossu, Entry 8 - The Island of the Pariahs

This is the journal of Zong-Tossu, a master ghav-urath (life-shaper) from the Rhul-thaun capital of Thamasku. Zong-Tossu was sent by the har-etuil (judgment-makers) along with a detachment of junior life-shapers and lawkeepers to investigate a mysterious ring of standing stones and the strange creatures said to occasionally appear within. The expeditionary force was accompanied by a thri-kreen emissary known as Cho’ka.

Having crossed the Predator Sea - one of the shallow seas of Guthay - Zong-Tossu, the surviving members of his group, and their chitine captors float just offshore of the Island of the Pariahs.

Alley of the Muse

Located beneath Tyr in one of the many winding passages connected to the large cavern called the Sorrows, the Alley of the Muse is a favored locale for individuals looking for refined entertainment away from the masses.

Encounters of Athas 6 - Red Rock Village

The village of Red Rock is designed to be a relatively generic Athasian village to allow DMs to quickly drop it onto a map wherever they might need a moderately fleshed out village.