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Encounters of Athas 01 - Tables of the Tablelands

This is a new series of articles designed to provide DMs with encounter or location ideas to add flavor to their campaigns.
This particular article discusses various ways to characterise and describe your taverns, inns, and similar locations in Dark Sun, to enable DMs a way of using that trope while still maintaining the Dark Sun atmosphere.

The Journal of Zong-Tossu, Entry 1 - The Moongate to Guthay

This is the journal of Zong-Tossu, a master ghav-urath (life-shaper) from the Rhul-thaun capital of Thamasku. A master of life-shaping, he was sent by the har-etuil (judgment-makers) along with a detachment of junior life-shapers and lawkeepers to investigate a mysterious ring of standing stones and the strange creatures said to occasionally appear within. The expeditionary force was accompanied by a Thri-Kreen emissary known as Cho’ka.

Dark Sun Random Generators

Random generators are always nice to have for DMs that need some inspiration or some name. Here are some Dark Sun specific generators from around the web.