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Athasian Plot Hooks

The following plot hooks are meant for use in a Dark Sun campaign.

Dark Sun Art Prints

In the early 90's a set of Dark Sun art prints were given to game store owners to promote the unique art of Dark Sun.

[Repost] Dark Sun out of Development

In today's design repost, Rodney Thompson announces that development on Dark Sun 4e has finished. He talks of his love of the original setting, gives us some idea of what we can expect: A return to the pre-Prism Pentad days.

[Repost] Dark Sun dragonborn

Another repost article from Richard Baker. This one talks about using Dragonborn in Dark Sun 4e, and the Athasian twist placed on the core race.

Like most of Rich's articles, he talks about several different subjects in the original, and we've edited this down to just the DS content. You can find the original in the internet archives.

Dark Sun Sprint

A repost of the DS4 design posts. Rich teases a bit about how the core PHB material will remain more relevant than in earlier DS editions.

Rich has a pattern of addressing several topics in his blog postings. We've elided the non-DS specific content from this one. The original can be found in the internet archive.

Deserts of Athas

This is part of a series of reposted blog articles from designers of Dark Sun 4th edition. These articles have been scattered through various reorganizations on Wizards' site, and are now hard to find, or have vanished completely. We are collecting them here with permission from the authors.

Today's entry comes from Rich Baker, and was originally posted on a Wizards Community blog. It's since been swallowed by the dunes, but the web archive can be seen here.